I believe strongly that Art is an outlet for an artist's emotions, thoughts and ideas, and can be the easiest way to convey to others a message which it is impossible to articulate verbally.For me, Glassblowing is a craft that allows me to combine many of my passions; and glass, a medium through which I feel I can truly express myself. I aim to create work that pleases both myself during the production, and the spectator after it has been completed.’Trionical’ conveys my love of colour and the infinite possibilities molten glass presents. The kaleidoscopic pattern spiralling to a point invites the viewer to take a deeper look into my playful expression of this endless potential.

This work is available through a Heart of Glass


and currently on display and for sale at

The Red House Glass Cone 

High Street




Please get in touch for commissions and sales, demonstrations and collaborations. 


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Trionical roll up slab

The finished cut and fused, sheet glass slab ready to be re-heated and 'picked-up' in the hot shop 8" x 4"