hand blown glasses with coloured stringer design

Born in Brighton , I was brought up in Newport, South Wales. Displaying an inclination to art at a very young age, I was introduced to the creative and performing arts throughout my childhood. I pursued classical ballet and circus and stage performance as well as extra curricular art classes throughout my school years. By the time I left secondary school, my focus was on fine art, and, whilst studying for a foundation diploma in art at the Arts University, Bournemouth, I discovered a love for three-dimensional work, which led me to experiment with different materials. Intrigued by the versatility of glass as a material, and particularly by the enormous range of colours that can be achieved by the interplay of the material with light and reflections, I completed a course at the Creative Glass Guild, Bristol, which left me hungry for more experience with glass. Shortly afterwards, I attended a taster session in glass blowing at London Glassblowers under the tuition of Louis Thompson and was immediately hooked by the mesmerising qualities of molten glass.

Since then it has been my driving ambition to acquire the skills of a master glass blower and I am never happier than when in a hot shop.



Having grown up loving art in many of its forms, I feel particularly fortunate to have found the area in which I want to focus and to which I want to devote my attention. I am passionate about hot glass, and driven by a desire to harness the unique qualities of the material which lend themselves so well to artistic expression.


My work, therefore, is often led by process and technique as I like to spend most of my time in the hot shop, learning to master new skills and techniques, which I ultimately incorporate into my own designs.The aesthetics of a piece are very important to me and I like to take time to achieve a quality of finish which enhances my design.



For me, my art is a platform where I feel I am able to express myself fully, finding the physical effort expended in the workshop therapeutic and fulfilling.


Taking inspiration from the natural world and my own experiences, I try to utilise the natural qualities of glass to reflect my ideas and the way I see things.